The Problem

Manila alone has an estimated 100, 000 children and youth at risk. These include those who live and work on the street, and come from the slums and extremely poor families. Many have attended elementary school, but dropped out at a very young age, leaving them with little education. They are often left uncared for, and grow up in threatening living situations. Influences like gangs, drugs and prostitution can become the norm and a means of security and survival. Life seems hopeless, with no sign of escape. The problem is great and seems exceedingly bleak. But there is hope!


Through the power of the Gospel and the dedicated service of many, children and youth at risk are coming to Christ. However, as they get older, there is little opportunity for them to grow in their faith, receive an education and be mentored. A teenager who grew up on the street or in the slums needs concentrated and intentional discipleship. They also need to stay connected with their church and learn what it means to be a part of the body of Christ in their church setting. This is where Honest Hands comes in.


Honest Hands Discipleship Home disciples, encourages and challenges young men ages 15-20 from difficult life situations. The aim is to help them grow strong in their faith in Jesus Christ as they serve Him and learn from His Word, so that they can be disciple-makers themselves. Up to ten young men spend nine months at Honest Hands in the long-term discipleship program. They are involved in tutorials that will help them work towards an elementary or high school diploma. They also attend Bible classes that help them learn to live the Christian life and follow Jesus each day. On top of this, recipients learn basic life skills such as cooking, hygiene and how to socialize with others. A significant focus of the program is relational. An important part of this is being mentored by Christian men – an influence that is often lacking in their lives. The staff of Honest Hands seek to journey side by side with these young men as they learn what it is to be a mature Christian and a light in this dark world.