Honest Hands Batch 13 Off and Running

How do you sum up four months of ministry here at Honest Hands? Some thoughts that come to mind are one student dropping out choosing to live with his girlfriend instead of studying what it means to be a disciple of Christ (he left his girlfriend a month later…); major breakthroughs in forgiveness of fellow students and family members; victory over immaturity, smoking addiction, and lust; a Bible session explaining salvation and an opportunity to experience God’s life-changing presence; a major surgery for one of our graduates; field trips to two historical sites, a PBA basketball game and a dairy farm; dental help for the students; birthday celebrations and much more! Those are the more major happenings. There’s also the everyday things like academic tutorials, household chores, morning exercise and devotions, Bible sessions, basketball games, and yummy, nutritious food. One thing we can say, God is moving in the lives of these youth. We are excited to be ministering with the Honest Hands team to these youth. We are blessed to have you partner with us!
Please pray that these youth would seek after God with their whole heart and that nothing would hold them back or distract them!
Read more below to hear about a story of forgiveness.

Surgery for K.L.

On July 4, K.L., a graduate of Honest Hands had a mastoidectomy. This a major operation to remove diseased mastoid air cells, and in K.L’s case, a growth called a cholesteatoma. Praise God that the surgery went well and his ear has healed up well. We are thankful that he could get the surgery done at the best hospital in the Philippines through their social service program. Although it was at times a difficult process to get the help he needed, we only had to pay a fraction of what the surgery would have cost. We also found out in the process that he has a mild case of tuberculosis. Honest Hands has been supporting him all through the process. We are committed to seeing him get well and healthy. We are also praying that his hearing will improve, but it all depends on how much damage has been done from the years of ear infections he has had.  He will hopefully have surgery on his left ear in November.
Please pray for continued healing for K.L. and that his hearing will improve from this second operation. Pray that he will continue to be encouraged in the Lord and grow in his faith because of this situation.
Thank you for supporting Honest Hands ministry. We can help K.L. because of your generosity. The two surgeries, medication and follow-ups could end up costing around $2,500. If you would like to help with these expenses, consider donating to Honest Hands.

A Story of Forgiveness & Reconciliation

What happens when nine guys from rough backgrounds like living and surviving on the streets of Manila, or being mistreated or abandoned by their parents get put in the same house for five days a week for four months? Some relational conflicts and the occasional fight… That’s no joke. Discipleship is a process. These youth are in the middle of that process of being changed into Christ’s likeness and living in right relationship with Him. The result can be beautiful, full of hope for youth that seemed to be without hope. While in this process, the struggle, the battle that Paul describes in Romans 7:18-20 is so real. This came to light recently when one of the students F.T. turned from the Holy Spirit’s working to his former sinful life to deal with a situation. That was a complicated and spiritual way of saying that he punched another student J.B. in the face. The details of the events leading up to that moment don’t matter so much. How the two would respond meant everything and would set the trajectory of their lives. Thankfully J.B. did not retaliate immediately, and F.T. realized his wrong actions and asked for forgiveness. But J.B. wrestled with forgiveness and wanting to get payback. One of the first topics we cover in our weekly growth topic devotions is forgiveness with the memory verse Matt. 6:14-15. Joshua knew what he needed to do to bring healing and do what God asks us to do, but his way of life which includes revenge, saving face and proving your strength is all that he has known. His biggest concern was his reputation. What would happen if others on the street would find out what happened and find out that he didn’t fight back? That would make him look weak. Thankfully he is very open with his emotions. He shared everything that was going through his mind, and he sought our council. Through much prayer and council that week he made decided that he would forgive F.T. and not seek revenge when they go back to their homes (they are from the same area and ministry). Wow! Praise God! If he would have chosen what is more natural to him – fighting back – he would probably not still be in the program but back on the street! It would have wasted all the change that has taken place so far. What an amazing breakthrough for J.B. and F.T.
We praise God for how He is working in the lives all these youth to bring reconciliation with each other, their families and most importantly with God. We wish we could share more stories, but we don’t have the space to do so! Thank you again for being a part of the lives of these youth.
Pray for a continued spiritual breakthrough in the lives of the HH youth.

Family Update

As you may already know, in April we welcomed our beautiful little girl, Anaya into the world. The last five months with a newborn have been exciting, exhausting, wonderful, stressful, fun and hard. We are figuring out what life is like to exist as a family of five. Sam and Asher continue to adore their little sister. They love to take time to read her stories and make her laugh.
Following the Philippines school year, we started homeschool in June. Sam is in Kindergarten and Asher is in preschool. They both have a real interest to learn. When not in school Sam loves to play Lego and Asher loves to go out and play any sport. They can both often be found on the big sand pile near the construction site on campus. They come in covered with sand from head to toe. Like many boys, wrestling is also a big part of their life.
Please pray for Sarah as she home schools the boys, cares for Anaya and keeps things running smoothly at home.