Honest Hands Batch 12 Graduation

On March 10, eight youth graduated from the Honest Hands Program. The graduation ceremony was a wonderful time of celebrating everything that the Lord has done in their lives over the 9 months they were at Honest Hands Discipleship Home. We are so thankful for the opportunity that we have had to invest and pour into the lives of these young men. But their growth as young Christian men doesn’t stop on graduation day! For many of them this is only the beginning.
Please pray that the graduates will continue their growth in knowledge and relationship with our Lord and Savior.
Pray also that they would follow the Lord’s direction in their lives. They need wisdom in taking their next steps of faith. Seven of them will continue their studies either at formal school or through alternative means offered here. One will be joining the Working Hands Discipleship and Vocational training program here on our campus.

Medical Assistance for K.L.

It was obvious that K.L. had a hearing problem when we first met him last year. He had trouble understanding what we said if he wasn’t near us or couldn’t read our lips. He says that his hearing has been this way since he was a child. You can imagine the hardship and even frustration this has caused him! Until now he commonly gets ear infections that cause drainage.
Ever since accepting him to Honest Hands we wanted to help him, but with us leaving from August to December last year, and not being able to find anyone who would be able to help, we just weren’t able to make any traction on getting his situation properly diagnosed. We were able to go on a missions trip with the Honest Hands students up north to Noah’s Ark orphanage in February and took him to a hospital where a medical mission team from the USA was ministering to people. The one who leads these trips just happens to be an experienced ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Specialist). Praise God that this doctor was able to give us a clear diagnosis! He has what is called External Audio Canal Cholesteatoma. Caused by years of untreated ear infections, it basically means that he has a soft-tissue mass that is causing erosion of the ear bones in both ears. There is also a risk that these tumors, or masses can rupture the thin membrane that separates the brain and ear canal. Also, his ear drums in both ears are almost entirely gone hence the repeated ear infections and drainage from his ears. Wow! After hearing this we were determined to help him.
The doctor referred us to his ENT doctor friend who practices at the top hospital in the Philippines. Thankfully this doctor offered us a free consultation and referred us to the hospital’s social service program. This has meant many interviews, and check-ups, a hearing test, CT scan, laboratory tests, etc. Although the process is long and we have had to wait on the hospital to approve tests according to their budget, the financial costs of all this have been very minimal. We are now finally at the point of finding out when the surgery to remove the masses, repair some of the damaged bones and put in artificial ear drums will be.
K.L.’s situation has opened our eyes to the importance of not only helping these young guys spiritually, but also physically. K.L.’s hearing ailment has also immensely affected his self confidence. But now he is more excited for life and has even been dreaming about what it will be like to hear properly! Even though the doctors cannot guarantee that his hearing will be restored just through the surgeries, he will be able to have hearing aids after his condition is corrected.
Another huge praise is that helping K.L. has had a huge part in helping to restore his relationship with his mother. K.L. was passed between relatives when he was young and never had a good relationship with her to the point that he didn’t even want to talk to her because he would just get annoyed with her. We have included her in the process of helping K.L. from the start and he has seen her effort in trying to help him. We know this has brought immense healing for both of them! PRAISE GOD!!!
We are so thankful for the opportunity to help in this way and to see how the Lord has been working in K.L.’s life through helping him! There is a bit of a road ahead of us in helping him since there are many steps to take in being able to be under the social service program of the hospital and there needs to be a 6 month healing period between operations. But we believe we are on the right track in helping K.L. to be able to hear and also for him to continue his spiritual and character growth.
The operation could be scheduled for the first or second week of June. Please pray that everything would come together for the surgery to happen as soon as possible.
Pray also for quick healing and his hearing to be restored!
Please pray that K.L.’s mother, sister and step-father will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Honest Hands Batch 13… Starting Soon!

June is just around the corner which means the start of Honest Hands Discipleship Home Batch 13 is just around the corner too! On June 13 we will start the 13th program of Honest Hands. The weeks of May 15 and 22 we had discipleship and recruitment camps with a total of 16 new youth attending and 1 former Honest Hands graduate attend. We also had 3 graduates act as junior staff to give them a chance to serve with us, and put to practice some of the things they learned while studying at Honest Hands.
Pray for us as we choose up to 12 youth for the 9-month discipleship program from these two camps.
More importantly, pray that what was taught about salvation and our relationship with Christ will sink deep into these youth’s hearts and they will desire to live a life surrender to the Lord.

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Thank You!

Your continued encouragement, prayer and financial support for our ministry and family is appreciated and vital. Thank you for partnering with us as we minister to young men from difficult life situations and those in the community around us.