Asher Frederick Seiling –
Born January 21 at 5:06am. Weighing 7lbs 9oz, and 20 and 3/4 inches long.

There I was, on Monday night, doing something I had been wanting to do since the Fall and really wanted to do before the baby came! I finally had a chance to clean out the car in a warm shop. I got the text shortly after vacuuming all the animal crackers that had been let loose and escaped to the nooks and crannies of the car. Sarah’s text at about 9pm read, “You better get home soon if you want to get some sleep before the baby comes. Contractions are 5-6 min apart!” I sensed annoyance for taking so long and urgency in her words (funny how you can do that even in a text message with someone you’ve been married to for over 10 years). But I still kept thinking, “She’s 9 days early. The baby won’t come yet.” She did warn me that the “stretch and sweep” (yeesh, couldn’t they call it something more pleasant?) that took place at the mid-wives earlier that morning could speed things up.

So, shortly after midnight Sarah called the midwife, and we decided we better get to the hospital. Ya, we didn’t get much sleep before that. After we checked in for what I expected to be a long stay, we began walking the halls, with Sarah powering through contractions, me tracking them on the contractions app (yes, there’s an app for that!), and me also doing whatever I could to relieve the pain and hopefully be a comfort to her. At 3:30am the midwife broke her water to speed things up, and speed things up it did. An hour and a half later, it was time! So at 5:06am on a cold, cold January morning, a little life entered this world. “Is it a boy or a girl?” Sarah asked with tears of joy. I did the old leg lift, and yup, just as I had suspected from the beginning. A BOY!!! After some clean up and a thorough check over confirming all digits were there and everything else was functioning properly they said we were good to go. I went and got the car and picked them up at the front door of Grand River Hospital. Entry time was 1:11am and exit time was 7:09am on the ticket stub. A lot faster than expected!
Asher means, blessed/happy. We feel extremely blessed and happy to have this new addition to the family. We thank God for the honour and privilege of raising another child. Frederick is my Grandpa Seiling’s middle name. It seemed appropriate to include the name of such a godly man that I am blessed to have had a part of my life in one of our child’s names.
So how is everyone? We’re doing good. A little tired, but good. Asher seems to be catching on to the feeding thing, and so far likes his sleep (praying that continues!). Sarah is feeling a bit exhausted, but since the delivery was so quick and went so well, the pain is not nearly as bad as it was with Sam. Ladies you can ask her personally about all the icky details… Sam seems to be enjoying his little brother, or “baby” as he calls him. Hopefully that will last a long time. He gets quite curious and concerned if Asher starts crying. Me? Well, I’m fine, besides being tired also. I guess I should call it a night and get some sleep while things are quite around here. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers throughout this pregnancy. Hope you enjoyed my little play by play here. Enjoy the few pictures below. We’ll be posting more on our Facebook page soon, so be sure to visit it by clicking here and “like” it to see when we’ve posted pictures.

P.S. – We’ll be giving an update about our plans to return to the Philippines soon.